7 AM Walk

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Walks, Wellness

For the past seven Thursday mornings, I’ve (grouchily) gotten up at 5:30 am and met up with a small group of 7 am walkers at the college. The email announcing this new venture promised a $50 gift card to anyone who walked six out of seven weeks. So, I thought, why WOULDN’T I? With that carrot dangling in front of us, our little band (usually 7 or so) tromped off for an hour long walk. The past two weeks were soppy with humidity, even at that hour, so we walked through Root Glen, tripping over tree roots and skirting the occasional snake. But what a view. And what calm. Even though the day inevitably melted into a blob of work frustration, that hour felt sacred.

That hour was worth so much more than fifty bucks.


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