Eine halb Henchen mit Pomme Frites

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Field Trips, Treats

When Karen and I traveled around Germany back in the 80’s, we ate countless “eine halb Henchen” as it seemed to be on every menu and who doesn’t love a half-chicken and fries? Plus, we learned how to order it in fairly clear German, so why veer off into unfamiliar territory? (Who wants to act out their menu selection?) Soft-boiled eggs (daily breakfast offering) and the chicken halves became the culinary mainstays of that vacation. We were, it seems, largely dependent on poultry for our daily sustenance. And lukewarm Coke.

SO…whenever I eat that meal, its German name never fails to pop into my head. Like today, when we drove down to Brooks’ BBQ for that very dinner. It’s BBQ goodness with fresh cut fries. It’s cheap. It’s a meal I love.


The Brooks’ sign…chef chasing chicken with hatchet. They don’t sugar-coat the process.


Again…the chicken faces its fate. Talk about rubbing your nose (beak) in it!


Busy place. We ate at the counter because there was immediate seating. And I kind of like getting a front row view of the whole operation. (Despite the photo, the building isn’t tilted, but apparently I am.)


The money shot. All this plus bread and salad bar for $8.29. (Fred gets my spiced apple ring. Not a fan. But everything else was DELISH.)



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