Posted: September 9, 2010 in Field Trips

A few years ago, we took a bus trip to NYC, and raced all over the city, during a long humid October day, trying to see a bit of everything. How impossible. Despite the marathon, we spent a large chunk of time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art amazed at room after room of armor, photos of Katrina’s ruins, impressionists, religious artifacts, and modern stuff, all viewed in a jumbled dash through gallery after gallery after gallery.

There were crowds, of course. And noise. But all of that fell away when I saw this painting…from a distance. From the other room. Then, hush.

In a painting that measures nine feet high and wide, Joan is simply breathtaking. Her soiled arm reaches from the canvas. You can feel the coarseness of her vest. And those eyes. My god, those eyes.


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