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As Seen On TV!

Posted: July 22, 2010 in As Seen On TV, Cheesy stuff

As cheesy as it sounds (“Lose a Button? Replace it in seconds!”), I love my Buttoneer. As a home ec flunky (MEAN teacher + no skill = stomachache), I break out in a sweat around a sewing machine. Bobbin? Guide foot? Darts? Oh my! And considering that my unfinished Girl Scout needlepoint project from 1969 is stuffed in the back of a closet somewhere (a breathtaking motif of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon…if you can make that out amongst the sea of knots), it’s pretty obvious that I’m not real handy with a needle and thread either. Enter the Buttoneer. Last night, in a matter of minutes, I reattached a couple of buttons on a shirt and a pair of pants. No hunting down a needle, no swearing, no knots. “Simple, Quick, Handy,” the box says. And in this case, the box doesn’t lie.