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What? This old thing?

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Cooking stuff, Necessities


I’ve had this thing for YEARS. Bought it somewhere sometime, and have NEVER USED IT. I think all of the Japanese scared me. And the directions with all of the arrows pointing to all of the parts that appear to be designed to cleanly slice off bits of fingers. But today I needed to slice up a bunch of potatoes and onions for scalloped pork chops with potatoes and onions, and it just seemed dumb to do all of that manually, even if it did mean risking my fingertips.

Holy cow…how awesome was this?! After I worked through the possible blade options and selected a thickness by turning a knobby thing (technical cooking term), I had those potatoes and onions sliced in minutes. And by using the plastic guard thing, I came through with all fingers and toes.

The box boasts “Wonderful sharpness, speed and Completion,” and that’s no lie. The Completion was all I hoped it would be.

Oh, Japanese Benriner (??), where have you been all my life. Oh, yeah…in the cupboard collecting dust.

Stupid me.