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Mabel’s Bowl

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Gifts


I have a thing for bowls, and the one we call “Mabel’s bowl” is a favorite. Mabel Bohling (Bohl/Bowl…hee), an old, old (soon to be 98) friend of Fred’s grandmother gave us this as a wedding present 17 years ago. It’s sturdy rose-colored glass, and reminds me of so many of my grandmother’s bowls. In fact, when I look at the bowl, I instantly smell percolating coffee, oatmeal, and fresh, warm apple kuchen. When I look at this bowl, I’m in my grandmother’s kitchen, sitting at the round oak table, listening to her jaw at my grandfather while I drink grape juice out my Flintstones glass and reach for another slice of the warm cake.

Who knew that a bowl could do magic tricks?