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Sooo…last Sunday Fred and I spydered our way to Cooperstown for the 3rd annual Hall of Fame Classic baseball game, which featured “vintage” players like Goose Gossage, Jim Rice, Phil Niekro, and Bill Lee (aka The Spaceman). The day was gorgeously sunny and warm from start to finish. Everything ran like clockwork. The parade started at the stroke of noon, the home run derby at the stroke of one, and the actual game at two on the dot.

So while I was happy about the cooperative weather (a rarity, lately) and the chance for a short road trip, I was MOST excited about the giveaway at Doubleday Field. As each guest entered the stands, they were given a program and a free Hall of Fame themed Pencil Shield. Office products! Adrenaline rush! (Who needs baseball?!)

The Pencil Shield consists of a golf-size pencil capped by a plastic “extender” which also houses an eraser. When capped, the pencil can be carried in your pocket without fear of pencil pokeage, and the sharp point is protected. The plastic sheath ALSO serves to extend the short pencil (or any short pencil you have around the house) into a longer, easy to hold pencil. Soooo…less pencil waste! (Usually once a pencil is sharpened to a nub, it has to be tossed. Not so anymore.) There’s also a pocket clip AND a cool looking red and white striped eraser.

We each received a complimentary pencil and then I found one that had been abandoned on the bleachers. (Who would do such a thing?) Score!

Who won the game? Who knows? I was too busy admiring my new pencils. Yes, I have issues.

Want to know more? Check out the Pencil Shield website:


Is there such a thing as the perfect pen? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from trying to find it. In Target, I’m in the pen aisle. In Staples, I’m in the pen aisle. In Rite-Aid, I’m in the pen aisle. But true pen heaven exists online at Hoo boy…fountain pens, gel pens, pen pens, highlighters, erasers, notebooks, refills, reviews, pictures. I swoon. I order. And while I’m at it, I might as well order $25 worth to get the free and FAST shipping. They play me like a fiddle.

These beauties arrived in today’s shipment…the Pilot FriXion Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pens. (Knock? What?) I tried the 1st generation FriXion pens years ago and they were ghastly. The ink was a washed out gray instead of crisp black. All of the colors looked diluted. Not my thing. At all.

But THESE…wow…what an improvement. The colors are vibrant. The ink is smoooooth. AND it’s erasable. As I understand it, the heat generated by the friction (or friXion!) of using the pen’s “eraser,” causes the ink to disappear. Put it in the freezer and it will reappear…or so I hear. So, yeah, not good for checks or legal documents or journals you leave in a hot car, but for everything else? Super sweet.

Maybe even approaching perfection.