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There really ARE a lot of different ways to illustrate waiting. Here are a few from my collection…


Waiting for the mail


Waiting to watch the Boilermaker Road Race


Waiting for class to get out


Waiting for our train ride


Waiting for summer

No one said your family has to be 100% human, right?


Charlie, Scout, and Boo

My Boys

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Field Trips, Pups


We took all three pups on vacation with us this week. Not hard because we were only driving a few hours away, not flying, and could drag along all of their cages, bowls, toys, and Charlie’s playpen (he’s still too young to be let loose all the time). They hiked with us and did plenty of relaxin’…just like the grown-ups. We were all happy campers.





A Fresh Start

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Pups

My old blog is stale, stagnant, sort of kaput. A new idea hit me the other day…a blog about the stuff I love. I’ll explore the positive, cool, fun things in life. It’ll feature food, pets, cool stuff, fun stuff, pens, adventures of all shapes and sizes, food, gadgets, food…you name it. And did I mention “food”?

So here goes.

My new pup is Charlie. He’s 4 months old now, but was only 8 weeks in the picture above. How he loved those balloons. And how I love Charlie.