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So you’re celebrating at a graduation party and get an…ummmm…unfortunately worded piece of cake. Of course you take a picture.



I have a split personality when it comes to breakfast. At night, when I’m feeling cozy and comfortable, I make a plan to get up just a little early, cook a serving of Bob’s Red Mill High Fiber cereal, which I’ll then eat in peace from my favorite bowl, using my favorite spoon. (Yes, I have a favorite spoon. Why? Who knows.) I’ll be full and warm and powered to meet the demands of the work day.


But, then, the alarm rips me from my dreams, the chores of the day burst my comfortable flannel-lined bubble, and the previous evening’s plans quickly evaporate. I end up staying in bed just a little too long, so while I’m not exactly late or rushing, I don’t have enough time for the hot cereal, so cold cereal it is…in any old bowl with any old spoon. The dogs are hungry and barking, so there goes the peace. Goodbye, imagined morning ritual! Goodbye, warm and nourishing breakfast!

Then evening comes, and I think, TOMORROW is the day for the fresh start. Yes, tomorrow. But then, yeah, no.

How stupid of me. All it takes is a few extra minutes…just a smidgen of willpower…to make the plan a reality, a true ritual. So tomorrow. YES, tomorrow it is.



Today is the Saturday when my monthly bible study meets at Panera for breakfast, chit-chat, philosophy, and squabbling. Oh, how I look forward to the fellowship and that bagel.


See’s Gourmet Lollipops

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Treats

Back to the “Things I Love” portion of this blog…

For Christmas, a few years ago, a professor gave me a box of See’s mixed chocolates. I was immediately hooked and carefully rationed each chocolate in order to make them last as long as possible. Then, on a trip to California, we visited the retro-looking, black and white tiled See’s stores, and were immediately mesmerized by the gleaming stores and creamy candies. This stuff’s the real deal. My grandfather used to surprise us with a trip to the candy counter at a downtown department store to buy us buttery caramels and thick chocolates. One bite of See’s chocolates and I’m right back there with grandpa. Nostalgic. Rich. Just really, really good.

But one can’t go around eating box after box of chocolates, even if they do bring back a rush of fond memories. So when an email from See’s arrived advertising their Gourmet Lollipops, it didn’t take long to talk myself into a box. Smooth butterscotch (my favorite!), creamy vanilla, cafe latte, and rich chocolate, these are lollipops to be savored, not chomped and chewed. Need a 70 calorie dessert? A reward for a job well done? Or just a little treat? Be good to yourself, and reach for a See’s pop. Trust me on this one.


Chocolate cake

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Treats


From a mix. With canned frosting. But you know what? It’s still great.


Posted: January 29, 2011 in Necessities, Treats

I’ll start with the bad news…you can’t get one anymore. Well, maybe on ebay, but not from Mr. Coffee.


I love hot chocolate, but let’s face it, there are issues:
1) Instant- frequently watery and sludgey. Not a fan.
2) Real stuff via prep in a saucepan- decent, but it has to be watched, and again, prone to sludginess.
3) Purchased (Panera, B&N, etc.)- good but pricey.

Enter COCOMOTION! I picked this up for ten bucks at Wal-Mart last January (clearance), and should’ve bought all they had. What a deal.

Cocomotion blends (completely!) and heats (perfectly!) your hot chocolate mix into milk so that all you have to do is drink and enjoy. So simple. So good.

Mr. Coffee, why oh why would you stop making this? Dopes.

When Karen and I traveled around Germany back in the 80’s, we ate countless “eine halb Henchen” as it seemed to be on every menu and who doesn’t love a half-chicken and fries? Plus, we learned how to order it in fairly clear German, so why veer off into unfamiliar territory? (Who wants to act out their menu selection?) Soft-boiled eggs (daily breakfast offering) and the chicken halves became the culinary mainstays of that vacation. We were, it seems, largely dependent on poultry for our daily sustenance. And lukewarm Coke.

SO…whenever I eat that meal, its German name never fails to pop into my head. Like today, when we drove down to Brooks’ BBQ for that very dinner. It’s BBQ goodness with fresh cut fries. It’s cheap. It’s a meal I love.


The Brooks’ sign…chef chasing chicken with hatchet. They don’t sugar-coat the process.


Again…the chicken faces its fate. Talk about rubbing your nose (beak) in it!


Busy place. We ate at the counter because there was immediate seating. And I kind of like getting a front row view of the whole operation. (Despite the photo, the building isn’t tilted, but apparently I am.)


The money shot. All this plus bread and salad bar for $8.29. (Fred gets my spiced apple ring. Not a fan. But everything else was DELISH.)



Posted: August 28, 2010 in Treats


A friend found these mugs at a garage sale. Our names. Our favorite local potter. What are the odds?

She bought them, wrapped them up, and gave them to us for our anniversary. We use them every morning for our french pressed iced coffee. Or for tea. Or hot chocolate. And every time we use them, we think of Ann. And about coincidences.

How cool.

Free stuff

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Treats

Like a free Coolata. Tropicana orange + vanilla bean. Even worth the brain freeze.